Welcome to Num Num Baked Goods Web Page.

Remember we are not a regular bakery, We take your order and make it for you fresh and you can pick it up while its still warm! :)  to place an order please call 689-2098


If there is something you would like made but isnt shown on our website let us know and we can make it for you! 

We can also bake with splenda, of course the price will be slightly higher but dont worry the price will still be low!

Did you know...

Pastries were originally made by the Egyptians and were used to wrap around meat while it cooked to collect the juices. Pastries were also made in the Middle East and brought to Europe by Muslims starting in the 7th century. By Medieval times many areas had their own puddings and pies and during the 17th century both flakey and puff pastries were made and often had intricate patterns and were considered works of art.

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